"A remarkable tale."

Killing Time has been described as engaging, excellent, fascinating, remarkable, surprising, and very compelling. Many readers describe that they "couldn't put it down" and that it "kept [them] turning pages." Despite such superlative praise, Killing Time does not fit easily into any given genre of writing. It's clearly fiction, but it's not a typical novel. It makes extensive use of allegory, but it's not a fantasy piece. It questions the very nature of time itself, yet it does so in an eminently accessible modern context. One critic captured the essence of Killing Time well in describing it as the "retelling" rather than as the "telling" of a great story, which begs the question from those who have not yet read it, what story is being retold?

Pete is an addict. He’s addicted to the pursuit of money and success—and all of the schedules, goals and incentives that go with it. There’s never enough time in the day.


He knows he asks a lot of his long-suffering assistant Jan. But sales is a high-pressure business, and she knew the job when she took it on. It’s not his fault she barely sees her family these days.


A chance encounter with a new colleague in a coffee shop is about to change Pete’s life forever. At first, he’s convinced Chris is a new recruit desperate to learn the ropes from an old hand like him. Little does he realize, he’s the one who has so much to learn. When their company’s leadership crisis turns everything on it’s head, Pete finds himself in the middle of a struggle for power and control—with a tragic conclusion.


In a story that will be familiar to some and moving for all, Pete begins to understand the true power of relationships and manages to embrace a new reality in which time as he knows it will never be the same.

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Ted Kerr interview on 101.5 WORD-FM

Available now in these formats


Killing Time is available in a traditional paperback format. It measures 5"x8" and has 136 pages.


Killing Time is available on multiple eBook platforms for immediate download, including Amazon Kindle, Apple iBook, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Audio Book

Killing Time is available through Audible and Apple iTunes for immediate download. It features professional voice talent Derek Botten.

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